STNA Training and Certification Guide

Becoming a healthcare provider is a rewarding career in term of both professionally and personally, but nothing is more satisfying than becoming a STNA or State Tested Nurse Assistant. We can not deny the demand for careers as a nurse aide currently keep increasing. This career able to promise a good and stable future in term of salaries and job vacancies.

The career field of nurse aide has grow faster in demand in today’s allied health care world. In other state, the word cna commonly used to indicate a certified nurse assistant, nurse aide or patient care technician. In Ohio, STNA is accepted to be the term referred to nurse aide & others as aforesaid instead of CNA. More details about what is an STNA :

How To Become an STNA.

To become an STNA in Ohio, you should follow a path that have been determine by Nurse Aide Registry Board. Most attractive facts about this career is, in a few days of stna training (commonly in 14 to 35 days) in STNA classes, you are deserves to take STNA’s test and become a State Tested Nurses Aide. However, the exact length of STNA course is absolutely depend on the school that provide the training. When you have completed the training, the next step require you to undergo written and skills test to ensure you are eligible to work in healthcare setting as a state tested nurse aide. Once you have met criteria of the test, you name will be registered in The Nurse Aide Registry in Ohio.

Choosing STNA’s School to join stna training programs

To enrolled in STNA’s training, choosing the top STNA school is the one step that is difficult to do in order to make sure your career as a State Tested Nurse Assistant in the right path. You should bear in mind and ask yourself what you should expect from that schools. You may started your search for STNA’s school by deciding on where do you want to take the training ie the location of the school. Some person maybe difficult to travel in a long journey. Choosing a nearby school might be suitable for this person. The other things to consider are the type of classes either stna online online, full time classes or night classes available to choose. If you already possess other jobs during the day, you can choose the night class as an alternative. The period of STNA course is varied among the schools offering the training. Some school enable you to complete your class in 2 weeks if you are a full time student and some schools might be longer.If you are a part time student (evening) commonly it may take up to 4 weeks to finish your training. Choose the course that suit your schedule. There are many other enticing facts about STNA classes you need to consider. Do some research and reviews of the top schools in Ohio prior any decision.

STNA training

What You Will Learn in STNA classes

What you will learn during the course mainly depend on the schools where you get your training. Basically, during the course ,most of the schools will teach you the basic medical skills to manage the patient. You will be expose to learn safety, mobility, bathing, catheter care and many other patient skills. They will guide you for your STNA test through state directed classroom and clinical training.Below are some example of what include in STNA course (syllabus).

  • Introduction to the Nurse Aide Training Program
  • Communication & Interpersonal skills
  • Safety & Emergency Procedures
  • Infection Control
  • Respecting Residents Rights
  • Promoting Residence Independence
  • Personal Care Skills
  • Personal Skills, Bowel Elimination
  • Toileting
  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Vital Signs
  • Admission & Discharge
  • Intake & Output
  • Personal Care Skills/ Urinary Elimination/Catheters
  • Height & Weight
  • Mealtime
  • Nutrition and Fluid Needs
  • Abnormal Conditions
  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Personal Care Skills
  • Mental Health + Social Service Needs, Development Task
  • Sexuality
  • Care of Dying
  • Care of Confused Resident
  • Basic Restorative
  • Special Needs
  • Resident Rights Clinical
  • Review skills.

STNA’s Certification

STNA certification is the further step to become a state tested nurse aide. If you are previously get certified in other state but need to work as a STNA in Ohio, nothing to be worried since you may transfer the certificate to Ohio. To do this, you need to contact Ohio state’s Nurse Aide Registry and ask for registration. Certification as an STNA will offer a great advantages in term of salaries and job demand. You may get a chance to receive good salaries if you own a certificate since it will proved the skills and knowledge that you have.

STNA’s Jobs Description

The main STNA’s jobs is to help a registered nurses (RN) to perform activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming and hygiene care. This career might be the best choice for someone who are committed to work and help other people “patient”.

STNAs commonly work in healthcare facilities to deliver their passion toward delivering nursing care to the patient. Becoming a state tested nurse assistant require you to do several other task includes respond to patient’s call for help, pass messages from patient to family members or as required, as well as ensuring cleanliness of environment around the patient such as room or bed.

Sometimes, nurse aide will also help the patient to move or walk around as well as assisting them to get exercise. Usually, most of the bed ridden patients will be exposed to the risk of getting bed sores. This will be another STNA’s responsibilities to help them move around from their bed’s position to prevent bed sores associated with prolong bed ridden.

Indeed, STNAs spend most of their time with the patients compared to doctors or nurses. They will be the “eyes and ears” for the nurses and doctors if there is any issues with patient’s progression.



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