Taking Your STNA Classes

For those who want to get into a career as a state tested nurse aide (STNA) in Ohio, finding the right STNA classes is a hard and complicated decision to be pass. It is useless if an individuals joining the training programs thats unable to prepare an individuals with crucial skills and knowledge to practice in the real jobs. The purpose of this review is to create a guide to choose a suitable STNAs classes in helping someone who are seeking for STNA training classes.

Growth in the number of an aging population lead to a high demand & expectation toward STNA’s career. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has released a statistical data which shows that the career as an STNAs is estimate to keep increasing in demand by 20% started from 2010 to 2020. Because of this, the growth rate of the job as a state tested nurse aide is expected to expand faster than other career in medical health. In fact, in the future, there will be a plentiful facilities offering long term health care to meet a demand of human being who are looking for a health care services .

How to Choose STNA Classes

To choose your STNA classes, there are several important aspect need to take into consideration. The first things should be in your mind is where should you attend the class?. Finding the nearby classes is consider as the best choice for some person but might be not for others. Ask yourself do you like to travel and do not worried to take a long journey to attend the class. Other thing you need to consider in choosing training classes is the schedule. Ask yourself does the classes suit your schedule or not. Some STNA’s schools offer day class only and some may offer additional evening classes and weekend classes. If you are currently doing other job, evening and weekend classes will be suitable choice for you.

As a student, money is everything and the cost of your nurse aide training programs should be in the first place. You should ask yourself whether the cost of training is reasonable or not. There are many online sources available to find cheap STNA class for you to get some reviews. As a nurse aide, completing CPR training offer a great advantages in term of job opportunity and vacancies. However, some STNA classes will not included CPR classes for free during the training without additional payment. If possible, find the class which include CPR classes in the package.

Common Requirements to Get into STNA’s Classes

The requirement to enrolled in STNA training is varied among the schools offering the programs. Some of the schools require a participant to be at least 16 years old or older. This career is the most easier to get into since high school diploma are not listed as an prerequisite for enrollment. The State of Ohio require the candidates to get two step mantoux test (TB test) prior to classes enrollment and should finish before the beginning of clinical. A student must strictly followed the prerequsite to enroll in the STNA class as require by your school.

What You Will Learn During the Class.

To be call as a state tested nurse aide , an individual need to complete at least 75 clock hours of STNAs classes to be eligible for certification. During the classes you will learn the basic skills required to practice as nurse aide in the real job facilities. During the classes you will get an opportunity to enter classroom and clinical hours which will be decided by the schools itself. When you finish the training, the schools will issue a certificate as a proof of training completion. This certificate enable you to take written and skill test as required by Nurse Aide Registry in Ohio to be certified for job placement in health care facilities.


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