Lately, career as an STNA in Ohio is growing exponentially to fulfill a big demand toward nurse aide services. Healthcare related carrier can be claimed as a fast growing sector & will not decline in trend. As the human population and awareness about health related issues is keep increasing , medical services will become a necessary part of human daily life. It is the same in fact, as the older population increase, there will be a big demand for nursing and residential care facilities as well. Therefore, there are many schools nowadays offering stna classes in Ohio to provide training and certification programs to meet the demand. According to Administration on Aging (AOA), by 2030 there will be around 72.1 million older person in US which is two times more than in 2010.

In State of Ohio, STNA (State Tested Nurse Aide) is the prefer word to describe a nurse assistant/nurse aide unlike other states where CNA (certified nurse assistant) commonly use. Ohio’s STNAs often labelled as the ‘eyes and ears’ of others medical staff such as physicians and registered nurses (RN) since they spend most of their working time dealing with patient. As described, STNAs commonly work under supervision of a registered nurse to perform daily life activities such as bathing, dressing and hygiene care. More info about STNA jobs.

How to Become a STNA Ohio

To become an STNA, Ohio Department of Health require an individuals to complete 75 clock hours STNA training before they are eligible to be accepted in any healthcare facilities in Ohio. Before that , an individual need to take a written and skills test to get certified. As a result, Ohio Nurse Aide Registry will issues a certificate to allow applicant to pursued their career as a nurse aide either in private/ government hospital, adult day health center, even nursing home, and others facilities where personal care is exist. If an individual recently work as a CNA in others state and migrate to Ohio, the good news is Ohio will allow nurse aide certificate to be transfer. To do this, you must contact Ohio state’s Nurse Aide Registry asking for your CNA certificate to be transfer to Ohio.

To be registered in State’s Nurse Aide Registry Ohio STNA’s list an individual must attend course of training as required. Nurse Aide Training Competency (NATCEP) is a responsible unit in Ohio Department of Health to make sure Ohio STNA programs offered by accredited schools follow the requirements of federal and state. Currently, about 447 STNA Training programs have received approval from NATCEP to conduct nurse aide’s training and certification. If someone looking for state approved STNA training’s programs, NATCEP unit are willing to provides a guide and assistance by email or phone call.

To become an Ohio’s STNA is a simple and basically do not take too much time in training. Commonly within two weeks of training you will get your certificate. However, to remain in the list of certified STNAs in State Nurse Aide Registry is an issues since any inappropriate action or abuse will reflect to be drop from the list. When your name being remove from the list, you are not possible to reasonable to work as a nurse assistant anymore.

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