STNAs Duties and Responsibilities

STNAs Duties and Responsibilities

An STNA (State Tested Nurse Aide/Assistant) provides regular nursing care services under the supervision of a Licensed Practitioner Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN) in any health care setting or facility. STNAs responsibilities, Stna’s jobs and duties are very diverse because it depends on where you are employed and your place of residence.

Every state has its own law of requirements and how it applies to the roles of a certified nurse assistant. Some of the healthcare settings where the STNA’s can provide their services include: hospitals, private homes, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools and hospice. The task and roles of nurse assistant might be different and it will depend on the healthcare setting and the locations. Below are some of the basic task which are commonly associated with STNAs but still to be bare in mind that it might be different depend on the healthcare setting and your locations.

The daily routines as a certified nurse aide mainly in accordance to patient need since the first and the most important role and responsibility is toward the patient. The roles involves being responsible for your patient’s daily routine starting from when they wake up in the morning up to when they go to sleep. This type of care is mostly given to the elderly in nursing or retirement homes. Commonly they spend most of their time to deal with patient more than others medical staff do.

STNA’s jobs are actually  very satisfying and rewarding. The second duty is to adhere to the goals, objectives and the mission statement of the healthcare facility you are working for. Most organizations provide intense and mandatory training in order to emphasize on the duties and responsibilities of their workers.

Another STNA role and responsibility is protecting the patient’s confidentiality. This involves making the patient aware of their rights to accept or refuse treatment, right to participate in the healthcare programs and the right to choose what type of treatment they want.

The duties of an STNAs involve watching over the patient when the nurse is away. This includes being aware of emergency responses used in the facility as well as frequently checking the patient’s vital signs such as the pulse, temperature and their blood pressure and respiration.
Other nurse aides duties include: feeding patients, emptying and cleaning catheter bags, bathing and dressing the residents, turning the patients frequently to prevent bed sores and so on.

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